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Welcome to DonnellProbst.Com!


Welcome friends!  Direct from the “About” Page, here is a little introduction to and insight into what we hope to accomplish here at

What this blog is…

DonnellProbst.Com will examine the relationship between disability and the media. We will attempt to challenge narrow constructions and question the underrepresentation of people with disabilities in current media. Currently there is very little existing literature or practice focused on disabilities in media literacy education. My goal is to shine a light on the need for media literacy education to include topics relevant to the disability community.

What this blog is not…

DonnellProbst.Com will not argue personal opinions or the validity of personal belief systems. We all have opinions, however, we strongly feel opinions should be formed through factual, evidence-based research and outcomes.

This is not a forum designed to draw universal agreement. Our goal is to challenge the opinions, stereotypes, and assumptions of the media. Our opinions will be designated as such and we encourage our readers to evaluate and designate their comments in the same manner.

While I will attempt to remain politically neutral, it is important to remember that sometimes there is a “correct” side of the argument. We will not give weight to opinions and practices in the media which devalue people with disabilities, and will do our best to provide facts and/or evidence to support our view.

Let’s get started…